Graduate Medical Education Committee

Committee Membership • 2023-2024

Program Leadership and Administrative Voting Members

  • Rajesh Gulati, MD (chair), associate dean of Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official
  • Asma Jafri, MD, chair and program director of Family Medicine Residency 
  • Roberto Castanos, MD, program director of Psychiatry Residency (Interim)
  • Zeid Kayali, MD, fellowship director, Gastroenterology Fellowship
  • Richard Lee, MD, fellowship director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Ashis Mukherjee, MD, fellowship director, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiology fellowship
  • Hari K. Reddy, MD, fellowship director, Critical Care Fellowship
  • Prabhdeep Sethi, MD, program director, Internal Medicine at St. Bernardine Medical Center
  • Samar Nahas, MD, fellowship director, Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery
  • Lisa Fortuna, MD, chair, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
  • Daniel Teraguchi, EdD, executive associate dean, Student Affairs
  • Pablo Joo, MD, senior associate dean, Medical Education
  • Helen Lau, RN, director, Quality, Patient Safety, Risk, and Population Health

Resident Voting Members

  • Haresh Gandhi, MD PGY 5, cardiology fellowship 
  • Sarah Lee, DO PGY 5, child & adolescent psychiatry fellowship
  • Amanda Palmire, MD PGY 3, family medicine residency 
  • Michael Seigler, MD PGY 4, psychiatry residency 
  • Ammar Qureshi, MD PGY 5, gastroenterology fellowship
  • Patrick Baghdasaryan, MD PGY 7, interventional cardiology fellowship
  • Mahtab Naji, MD PGY 3, internal medicine residency at SBMC
  • John Carvalho, MD PGY 5, critical care fellowship

Support Staff

  • Lauren Hook, institutional coordinator (GME Office)
  • Priscilla Verales, psychiatry coordinator
  • Roberta Cole, child & adolescent psychiatry coordinator
  • Brianna Poston, family medicine coordinator, administrative assistant (GME Office)
  • Adrienne Bawcum, gastroenterology and cardiology coordinator
  • Maria Fernandez Guerrero, interventional cardiology and critical care
  • Tammy Gonzalez, internal medicine (SBMC) coordinator
  • Jessica Reyna, minimally invasive gynecological surgical coordinator
  • Naveena Rai, support and wellness specialist


  • Paul Hackman, JD, chief compliance officer/safety officer
  • Charles Abraham, MD or designee, chief medical officer/chief learning officer, St. Bernardine Medical Center
  • Thomas Edell, MD or designee, associate chief of staff for education: VA Loma Linda
  • Anna Medina, MD, deputy associate chief of staff for education, VA Loma Lina
  • Arnold Tabuenca, MD or designee, chief medical officer: Riverside University Health System
  • Michael A. Neri Jr., MD or designee, chief medical officer, Kaiser Riverside
  • Kirk McNagny, MD or designee, associate chief of staff for education: VA Long Beach