University of California, Riverside

Graduate Medical Education

Obstetrics & Gynecology Program Curriculum

Obstetrics & Gynecology Program Curriculum

Residents will be assigned to Riverside Community Hospital, where they will be provided with the resources necessary to achieve the program's educational goals and objectives.

Residents will be expected to demonstrate satisfactory or excellent proficiency in the following areas:

  • Patient care/Clinical skills
  • Patient care/Surgical skills
  • Medical knowledge
  • Interpersonal & communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Practice-based learning & improvement
  • Systems-based practice
  • Teaching skills

Scholarly Activities

The program features a structured didactic curriculum to instruct residents on the fundamentals of research, including  epidemiology, research design, and statistical analysis. Resident and faculty research activities will be developed and supported through weekly morbidity & mortality conferences, quality improvement rounds, grand round conferences and monthly journal clubs.

Quality Improvement Research Projects

There will be four lectures on patient safety and quality improvement. The resident will then develop a quality improvement research project that can span up to their entire four years of training. The program director and appointed faculty will serve as mentors for abstract, poster and oral presentations at local, regional and national meetings. The ultimate goal will be submission for publication in peer reviewed journal.

Resident Research Days

PGY 3 and PGY 4 residents will participate in a "Resident Research Day" which will provide additional opportunities for them to develop their research and presentation skills. The PGY 3 residents will be required to make a case presentation and the PGY 4 residents will be required to present a formal research project.

Policies & Curriculum

An annual orientation at the beginning of each academic year will address assignments, duties, performance criteria, including milestones, and the goals and objectives of the program. Residents will be provided an electronic handbook at orientation with all programmatic and rotation goals and objectives as well as program policies and procedures as well as an updated electronic curriculum manual reflecting any changes that might occur as a result of the annual review of the program. Each rotation will have specific competency based goals and objectives that are PGY specific and incremental with training level.

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