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Graduate Medical Education

Program Objectives

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Program Objectives

Upon completion of the UCR School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program - Palm Springs, all residents will be able to do the following.

Patient Care

  • Demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors.
  • Gather essential and accurate patient information.
  • Perform an appropriate, accurate, targeted physical exam.
  • Develop an appropriate differential diagnosis.
  • Make informed decisions based on information, scientific evaluation, and judgment.
  • Counsel and educate patients and families.
  • Prescribe and perform procedures.
  • Develop and carry out patient management plans.
  • Provide health maintenance and anticipatory guidance.
  • Work within a team.
  • Use information technology to optimize patient care decisions.

Medical Knowledge

  • Investigate and analyze to acquire knowledge and solve problems.
  • Know, apply, and teach basic and clinical science.

Practice-based Learning and Improvement

  • Analyze practice experience and systematically improve it.
  • Locate, appraise, and assimilate evidence from the research literature.
  • Obtain and use information about individual patients and local populations.
  • Apply, design, and use statistical methods to appraise studies.
  • Use information technology for lifelong learning.
  • Facilitate the learning of others.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Communicate the create and sustain therapeutic relationships with patients.
  • Effectively listen, elicit, and provide information.
  • Communicate and team effectively with patients and families of diverse cultures and languages.
  • Work well with others as a member or leader of a health team or professional group.


  • Demonstrate altruism, respect, compassion, and integrity.
  • Demonstrate commitment to ethically sound practice (e.g., confidentiality, informed consent, quality, non-discrimination).
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, age, sexual orientation, gender and disability issues.
  • Demonstrate responsiveness and accountability to patients, society, and the profession.

Systems-based Practice

  • Understand interactions of the UCR Health Family Medicine Center and hospital with the larger health system.
  • Know how practice and delivery systems differ (cost, access, etc.).
  • Practice cost-effective care and resource allocation without quality loss.
  • Advocate for quality and help patients deal with the health care system.
  • Understand reciprocity of health care teams, organizations, and society.

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